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Mastering Sydney Commercial Cleaning: Tips & Trends For 2024

In recent years, commercial cleaning in Sydney has undergone notable changes. The recent pandemic heightened the need for robust disinfection measures and cleaning technologies to ensure hygienic spaces.

As we step into 2024, expect to see new cleaning products and practices take centre stage. In this guide, we dive into the latest cleaning trends to help you maintain a spotless and disease-free commercial property.

• The use of smart cleaning technologies will rise

This year, we’re witnessing a revolution in commercial cleaning in Sydney thanks to automation and smart technologies.

Robotic cleaners, smart sensors and equipment connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) are poised to become mainstream. Investing in these devices can help you enhance efficiency and enable real-time monitoring of cleaning tasks.

Smart sensors 

Smart sensors allow you to carry out targeted and precise cleaning efforts. Installing these sensors on your premises allows for real-time monitoring of occupant movement, air quality and pathogen presence.

Robotic vacuums

Likewise, robotic vacuums are evolving with advanced features like lasers, motherboards, sensors and Wi-Fi connectivity. These enable them to navigate spaces more efficiently and adjust their cleaning patterns. 

Many robotic vacuums also offer scheduling features, allowing users to program them to start cleaning at specific times. This means you can minimise physical interaction until it’s time to empty the vacuum’s canister.

These devices collect data sent to online portals via the internet. They track usage locations and times, helping to improve efficiency. They also assist facility managers and cleaning crews in identifying areas of highest need, allowing for cleaner spaces and better resource allocation.

VR and AR will transform staff training

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are set to streamline the training of cleaning staff. While VR generates entirely artificial environments for users to explore, AR overlays digital information onto the real world.

Cleaning crews can access virtual simulations of kitchens, lounge areas, offices, washrooms, corridors, restaurants and shower rooms. This allows them to visualise the cleaning process and identify appropriate products and techniques. 

These immersive learning experiences also let your staff practise handling simulated biohazard spills and master intricate cleaning protocols.

Demand for eco-friendly cleaning will increase

According to one study, more and more Australians are turning to biodegradable or eco-friendly products. Additionally, there’s been a reported increase in focus on sustainability since the pandemic.

Given this, the use of sustainable, non-toxic cleaning agents and energy-efficient cleaning equipment and methods to cut carbon emissions is set to rise. Implementing waste reduction strategies, such as using reusable cleaning supplies and recycling packaging materials, will gain momentum as well.

Future-proof your business with innovative commercial cleaning in Sydney

Businesses that stay on top of the latest cleaning trends and technologies not only make their customers happier but also improve their own reputation.

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