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Give your customers a reason to keep coming back by investing in professional gym cleaning services with NSW Commercial Cleaning. With thousands of occupants rotating through your facilities on a daily basis, keeping your equipment in sparkling condition is non-negotiable. Our comprehensive gym cleaning services can be tailored to your facilities and address any unique concerns or needs you may have for your space.

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Gym Cleaning? We have you covered!

In an era where more and more clients demand excellence for their daily workouts, a clean and well-maintained gym is crucial to the success of your brand. Of course, the importance of maintaining a pristine workout space goes beyond aesthetics — it directly impacts their health and safety. From spills to sweat and grime, even the most well-maintained spaces may have nasties lurking beneath.

At NSW Commercial Cleaning, we have a range of services tailored to Gym facilities. Our team will work with you to advise on the right cleaning solution for your property’s unique requirements. We are committed to providing the best customer experience to all of our customers. All work is quality guaranteed and we offer 7 day customer support to ensure seamless service is delivered.

We understand the unique cleaning challenges commercial gyms face, and we are here to revolutionise your gym cleaning experience with our tailored solutions. We service sites across Sydney and throughout New South Wales. All of the services we offer are environmentally conscious and we take all appropriate measures to contribute to a happy and healthy planet.

Our gym cleaning services go beyond standard commercial gyms. We want to ensure all health and wellness facilities maintain an industry standard of cleanliness.

Other facilities we service include:

Why invest in professional gym cleaning services with NSW Commercial Cleaning

A gym is a dynamic space where clients push their physical limits, leaving behind a trail of sweat, bacteria and grime. Regular gym cleaning goes beyond making a lasting impression on your clients. It’s about creating a hygienic and inviting environment that fosters health and well-being. Dirty equipment, unclean floors and neglected spaces can lead to various issues, such as odours, the spread of infections and even a tarnished brand reputation.

By investing in professional gym cleaning services, you can maintain customer loyalty and attract new clientele, all while safeguarding the health of your clients and staff. NSW Commercial Cleaning is more than equipped to handle the unique cleaning requirements of gyms to ensure a spotless and sanitised environment.

Customised cleaning solutions for every gym and wellness facility

From dance studios to bodybuilding gyms, one-size-fits-all cleaning approaches simply won’t cut it in the diverse world of commercial gyms. NSW Commercial Cleaning specialises in providing tailored gym cleaning solutions to all our clients. Our team of experienced cleaners understand the intricacies of gym cleaning, giving you peace of mind that every nook and cranny will be thoroughly cleaned.

  • Comprehensive equipment cleaning 

Our cleaning services extend beyond the visible surfaces. We specialise in thoroughly cleaning and sanitising gym equipment to guarantee your machines are sparkling and free from harmful germs. This proactive approach helps prevent the spread of infections and keeps your equipment in top-notch condition.

  • Immaculate hardwood floor maintenance 

The gym floor is the hub of all major activity, enduring heavy foot traffic, spills and constant wear and tear. NSW Commercial Cleaning employs cutting-edge techniques and eco-friendly cleaning agents to ensure your floors shine and provide a safe and slip-free surface for your clients.

  • Hygienic restroom, locker room and area cleaning 

Maintaining cleanliness in locker rooms, restrooms and other spaces with high foot traffic is vital for creating a positive and comfortable experience for your clients. Our team pays meticulous attention to these areas, implementing specialised cleaning protocols to combat odours, prevent mould growth and, above all, maintain a hygienic environment.

  • Flexible cleaning schedules 

At NSW Commercial Cleaning, we recognise the varied operational hours of gyms, which is why we offer flexible gym cleaning scheduling options. Whether you require daily, weekly or customised cleaning plans, we can adapt to your schedule, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations.

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Our Capabilities

Gym cleaning services we provide:

Regular cleaning

Tailored cleaning program for your site to maintain a high standard cleanliness and hygiene.

Sanitary bin service

Sanitary bins provided and serviced on a routinely basis.

Carpet cleaning

Carpet steam cleaning of all types of carpet and rugs.

Artificial turf cleaning

Steam cleaning of artificial turf areas to sanitize and remove unpleasant odours.

Hard floor cleaning

Range of hard floor cleaning services including: Strip and seal, polish, buff and scrubbing.

High pressure cleaning

Water high pressure cleaning of external hard surfaces.


Cleaning consumables: soaps, hand towels, toilet paper, etc provided.

Window cleaning

Interior and exterior window cleaning

Deep cleaning

Periodical deep cleaning of all or specific areas.

Waste Management

General and recycling waste bins provided and serviced regularly.

Infection control cleaning

Disinfection fogging service for contaminated spaces and outbreak control.

Why Choose NSW Commercial Cleaning?

Investing in professional gym cleaning services can deliver outstanding results for your business — and NSW Commercial Cleaning is your trusted partner in keeping your brand thriving. Ensuring an exceptional customer experience is our top priority. Our customers are at the centre of our operations, and we take great pride in delivering a superior service. Here are just some of the many reasons people choose NSW Commercial Cleaning for their gym cleaning needs:

Included In Our Service

Environmentally Friendly

All aspects of our service focus on minimising harm to the environment and seek to do our part in creating a healthier planet.


We guarantee a high standard on all our jobs. Our sites are cleaned by our experienced team of cleaners and check by our supervisors. Any problems are fixed asap at no charge to the customer.


All cleaners are experienced, equipped with commercial grade equipment and are provided with ongoing training to guarantee we deliver an above industry standard service.

NSW Commercial Cleaning — exceptional and affordable gym cleaning services

Experience a new standard of cleanliness with NSW Commercial Cleaning. We are your ally in cultivating a healthier and more welcoming gym atmosphere for all. Reach out to us today for a quote, and we’ll visit your facility to discuss a personalised gym cleaning solution for your space. 


Gym cleaning is different from other commercial cleaning services due to the space’s unique cleaning requirements. Gyms house specialised equipment and varied surfaces that experience high foot traffic. Not to mention sweating clients, shared equipment and locker room hygiene all demand special attention.

All these occupied spaces must be regularly cleaned and sanitised to promote the health and well-being of regular clients.

For optimal hygiene and client satisfaction, a gym should be professionally cleaned at least three to five times per week. This frequency ensures the removal of sweat, germs and other contaminants to maintain a clean and inviting space for all. 

Yes, our cleaning products are carefully chosen to be safe for both gym equipment and patrons. We use non-toxic, environmentally friendly solutions that effectively clean and sanitise without posing any harm to the equipment or the health of clients.

Absolutely. Our quality guaranteed gym cleaning services are available 7 days a week to ensure a seamless experience for all customers.

NSW Commercial Cleaning implements stringent quality control measures with our gym cleaning services, including regular inspections and performance evaluations. We also appreciate and welcome client feedback and make the necessary adjustments to maintain the highest quality standards our clients deserve.

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